From 6 Weeks to 12 Years of Age
GRAND REOPENING! A very clean and safe environment for your child

Preschool & Voluntary Pre-K in Sherwood, AR

Welcome to My Child’s 1st School!  We are so happy that you have landed here. This is the first step you and your children will take to ensuring that you have the best education and care for them when you cannot be there to provide it.  We have raised our own children with the same premises that we have founded this daycare center on, and as mothers we know how much you want your child to be safe and grow at the same time.  Having been through this process of helping children grow while ensuring their health and safety, we know difficult a task it can be, especially for a working family.


We offer specials on a regular basis for new students and their families, and military members as we live right near a base and are happy to support those who work to ensure our liberties.  If you are a base family and need to find a daycare provider for your children, we encourage you to visit our school.  We are sure that you and yours will love our place and it will be our pleasure to help you with the small things that we can do for those who serve our state and nation.